I'm Carter Good, and

Welcome To Leaner For Life!

Coach Carter

Listen up...

❎  If you're trying to lose weight and feel like you've tried everything and nothing's worked before...

❎  Or maybe you just can't seem to stay consistent with your diet and you're trapped in this yo-yo dieting cycle of gaining and losing weight...

❎  Or maybe, you're sick and tired of feeling like you have to choose between having a social life with getting weight loss results.

Whatever it is, I want you to STOP and take a deep breath...

Because that's all about to change!

Coach Carter

Feel Like You've "Tried It All" And STILL Nothing's Worked? You're In The Right Place!

In fact, most of our clients come to us because nothing else has seemed to help lose the weight or keep it off...

They've tried all the programs, cleanses, pills, and received all the (wanted/unwanted) advice from friends or family, and nothing's worked.

If that's you, I get how frustrating it can be!

I used to weigh over 305 lbs, as you can see:

carter before after2

I know what it's like to struggle day in and day out – just trying to find something that works.

After a 2-year weight loss journey, I finally figured out a simple and sustainable way to lose weight – and keep it off – and dropped over 145 lbs.

Now I help people who struggle like I used to.

The weight loss industry is so confusing – all these diet plans, gurus, and magic pills makes it nearly impossible for regular people like you and me to sift through the BS and just get straight advice on what to do.

That's where my team and I come in.

We Help People Lose Weight With A Simple Plan Anyone Can Follow – Regardless Of Your Lifestyle Or What You've Tried In The Past

It didn't just work for me...

Over the last few years, we've shared our "Leaner For Life strategy" with thousands of men and women across the globe...

We've worked directly with thousands of clients and customers and, well...

The proof is in the pudding:


“I’m healthier. I’m happier. I actually weigh less that I ever have in my adult life and am in much, much better shape. I achieved so many more things that I didn’t expect to – I’ve changed my life, my mindset, my goals completely.”

Erica, 24
Lost 50 lbs and 17 inches


"I wanted a balance in my life... I wanted to be able to go out to a restaurant with friends unexpectedly and know I was in control of the situation. I could go eat ice cream with my kids and not feel guilty about it or that I wasn’t being perfect or that I “shouldn’t” eat any. I absolutely made the right decision. I found the balance in my life I wanted."

Kristin, 37.
Lost 40 lbs and 14 inches


"From working with Carter, I gained everything I wanted and more! Gained a true friend and mentor in the process."

Amy R.
Lost 17 lbs and 9 inches

We Get Reviews Like These Every Single Day

“Working with you was exactly what I expected and completely different. I knew you’d be there to offer solid advice and lead me along the way. What I didn’t expect was how understanding and encouraging you are. You are a normal human who lives a normal life who understands.”

Kim, 32
Lost 14 lbs and 4 inches

"Not to sound arrogant, but I achieved more than what I set out to do. My original goal was just to get back to where I was at the end of 2015 (~200 lbs.). So, the positive thing I achieved was exceeding my goal."

Nick, 32.
Lost 40 lbs and 10 inches

“The accountability was needed for me. I hadn’t gotten that type of daily accountability before and it truly helped.”

Yekta, 30
Lost 28 lbs and 7 inches

"Thank you for all your help. Your advice and coaching have helped me achieve the body I've always wanted!"

Mark, 20.
Lost 72 lbs

Changing Lives, One Pound At A Time...

We're not just a fitness company or a diet company.

We're both, and something more.

We believe you should be able to lose weight, get in shape, and feel amazing and confident regardless of your lifestyle – that getting lean and toned shouldn't come at the cost of your social life...

That's why our mission is simple:

Make exercise & dieting simple to help you get weight loss results that last.

And so far, we've helped:



Clients Through Our 1-On-1 Coaching Program


Men And Women Through Our Online Courses & Programs