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Former College Athlete Discusses Her Results with Leaner For Life

Lifestyle program has helped her get back on track after she stopped playing sports

Leaner For Life client Madison was an athlete throughout high school and college, but once she stopped playing basketball, an extra 15 pounds crept their way on.

When the pandemic hit, Madison said she had free time and wanted to make a change. “I was doing it on my own, following plans, doing random workouts, random meal plans, detox – I tried everything,” she said.

The problem Madison faced, however, was that she had mental and physical barriers stopping her from reaching her goals. She was falling off track and unsure of what to do next. She’d been forced to workout and play sports her whole life, and so the journey she was now on was all new to her.

That's when she found Leaner For Life, and everything changed...


Madison was on Instagram one day and discovered Leaner For Life. She read Coach Miranda's story – one that was similar to her own – and knew she wanted to work with her, so she applied for coaching, decided to take the plunge, and got started with Miranda.

Now, Madison says she has experienced a mindset shift because of the program that will last her a lifetime.

Madison says she can now enjoy nights out with family and friends. She’s gained a new perspective on mindful eating, and she knows she can always get back on track if she needs to. Madison has lost 10 pounds since beginning her journey with Leaner For Life, but according to her, the progress pictures and how she feels say so much about her results.

“I was talking to my mom the other day [and showed her my progress pictures from starting with LFL], and she said those pictures look like a 25 to 30 pound difference. It just goes to show the scale doesn’t always show the true picture things.”

Coach Miranda

Although Madison isn’t playing basketball any longer, she enjoys weight lifting, and working out. She wants people to know that this program is for anyone.

“Anybody who wants to make a healthier change physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s going to take a lot of work. Once you get there, it won’t matter how long it took,” said Madison.

(Pictured left, Head Coach Miranda Hoidal.)

Madison's results are consistent with LFL clients, who are losing an average of 15-30 pounds in 16 weeks with their Transformation Coaching Program – even if nothing has worked in the past.

Driscoll and Brittany have worked together for the past six months, and he’s provided fitness strategies, accountability, support, and resources along the way. Leaner For Life provides a wealth of benefits for its clients, which extend far beyond weight loss.

(Pictured, below, Head Coach Miranda Hoidal)

Coach Miranda

Founder Carter Good lost 145 pounds on his own before starting Leaner For Life.

“Now, I help people who struggle like I used to,” he said. “The weight loss industry is so confusing - all these diet plans, gurus, and magic pills make it nearly impossible for regular people like you and me to sift through it all and get straight advice.

Madison's results are consistent with LFL clients, who are losing an average of 15-30 pounds in 16 weeks with their Transformation Coaching Programeven if nothing has worked in the past.


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