Based on your answers to the quiz, you're a  Mindless Muncher !

Here’s The BEST Way For "Mindless Munchers" To Lose 10-30 Pounds In 16 Weeks While Building Tone & Definition – WITHOUT Giving Up Your Favorite Foods!

Hey there! Carter Good here, co-founder of Leaner For Life.

Thank you for taking the time to go through our Fat Loss Quiz.

Based on your answers to the quiz, you’re what we call a Mindless Muncher. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You have little to no problem eating healthy and sticking to your plan at your main meals each day. Your problem is all the mindless snacking and munching in between.

The big enticing candy bowl... The extra donut from a coworker… The leftovers from your kid’s lunch… The popcorn shared with your s/o at night… 

Before you know it, 400-500 (or more) calories are added to your daily intake.

If this sounds like you, then here’s the GOOD NEWS:

MM - 1

Seeing Results Can Be Easier Than You Think...

First thing to know is this:

If your “diet” can’t fit into your lifestyle, you have no chance of following it for the long term… It becomes one of those things where when you’re ON the diet, you get results… But then just gain the weight back once you’re OFF the diet.

 That's why do things differently. 

One thing we have ALL our coaching clients do is to simplify their nutrition, especially when it comes to tracking. No, we don't advise tracking everything under the sun... Instead, the two big things we like to track are:

a) a calorie range
a minimum protein intake.

Yes, you’ll be tracking calories – you have to know where you’re at each day to ensure you’re in a calorie deficit… But we make it hella easy to do this.

Second, you’ll shoot for a certain amount of protein each day and try to come close to that number. This will ensure that the majority of weight you lose comes from fat, rather than burning muscle (unlike with many diets).

Now, because your goal is to lose weight quickly & easily, I have a couple strategies for you to use for staying on track easier:

2 Strategies That Make It Easier For Mindless Munchers To Lose Weight

As a Mindless Muncher, it’s important to cut yourself a little slack and realize that you’re a real person who leads a real-world life. And, chances are your diet (probably) isn’t the center of it.

After all, we’re all busy, and make time to eat good and workout when we can

Heck, I still like to go out and enjoy myself, or have a drink at night, or desserts when I have a sweet tooth… And you can do all of that too when you set yourself up for success using these two strategies below:

Strategy #1: "Strategic Snacking"

It’s 100% okay to have snacks throughout the day — especially if you are planning for them and ensuring they are keeping you full.

Strategic Snacking is all about ensuring that your snacks stay in line with your fitness goals.  There are two good ways to strategically snack:

#1 – Opt for single-serving snack options. 

Doing this is a lot easier to moderate your portions since it takes more effort to open up an entirely new pack of something vs. dipping your hand in the family-sized bag.

And, you can buy the family-sized bag of whatever snack you enjoy, and then use small baggies to create your own single-serving bags.

#2 – Focus on protein & fruit.

Both protein and fruit will help you get & stay fuller, and it’s easy to carry them around.

For protein, great options are protein bars, beef jerky, and protein powder. For fruit, solid options are apples, bananas, and oranges — something with a peel that doesn’t need refrigeration.

Also, prioritize protein and veggies during your main meals each day so you stay fuller longer, which can also help with cravings and snacking.

Strategy #2: "Track Before You Snack"

This strategy is especially important for Mindless Munchers... Ready? Okay, here goes:

Starting today, I want you to start tracking your food BEFORE you eat it — for your meals and your snacks.

Here’s why: most people who struggle with mindless snacking don’t often realize how many extra calories they’re consuming each day. It’s super discouraging when you feel like you’re doing things right, but aren’t getting results.

When you purposefully make a point of tracking first, you’re going to ensure that you aren’t letting small bites, licks, and tastes of things add up.

Essentially, it helps you “think twice” before snacking.

The goal is to break the bad habit of mindless snacking by creating awareness around when you munching urges hit, and then deciding if it’s because you’re truly hungry or you’re just bored or stressed.

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