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"LEAN30 helped me get back on track... I had strayed for months from my fitness journey and this program helped me to get on track and be consistent." –Amy

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Be Honest... When It Comes To Your Diet,

  • Does overeating on the weekends or constant snacking keep throwing you off track?

  • Do you turn to food for comfort, and then feel guilty for it afterwards?

  • Do you do great when you’re “on” with a diet, but go completely off the rails after you mess up?

Truth Is, Weight Loss Shouldn't Be So Hard Or Confusing... In Fact, Imagine This For A Second:

  • Imagine you’re in control of your diet – food doesn’t control you and you don’t worry about overeating or “falling off the rails”.

  • Imagine not having to stress out about every little thing you eat because you’ve found a way to eat that lets you enjoy yourself at the same time

  • Imagine putting clothes on and feeling awesome in them instead of that feeling of having to readjust yourself every few minutes

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I'm Going To Show You A MUCH Simpler Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off... And Best Of All, It Only Takes 30 Days!

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I’ve worked with hundreds of 1-on-1 coaching clients over the years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you don’t need more information.

If anything, there’s too much conflicting information about what you do & don’t need to lose fat!

It makes finding and staying consistent with a plan next to impossible.

At the end of the day, it’s often less about "WHAT" you do to lose weight – and more about HOW you lose weight and WHO you have helping you along the way.

And that's exactly what I'm going to help you with over the next 30 days...

Get ready to stop the endless "dieting cycle" and finally get lasting results you'll want to show off...

What's Possible In 30 Days?

Below are 30-day transformations from a few of my clients (yes, they're "real people", just like you and me)... Check out what they were able to accomplish using the exact same strategies you get in the LEAN30 Challenge:

Alex - day1 to day30

Alex Lost 10 Pounds
in 30 Days!


Erica Lost 9 Pounds
in 30 Days!


Carrie Lost 8.6 Pounds
in 30 Days!

† These results featured were all achieved in 30 days, but Results Can And Will Vary From Person To Person.

Awesome Progress, Right? Well, Wait Till You See Where They Are NOW...

The first 30 days are crucial to your long-term transformation...

And to prove it, here's what dialing in the first 30 days helped Alex, Carrie and Bonnie accomplish after implementing the same strategies you're getting access to in the LEAN30 Challenge! (hint: they were able to do this because of the shifts they made in the first 30 days!)

Weight Loss Journey – Alex

(Alex went on to lose 50 lbs!)

Weight Loss Journey – Bonnie

(Bonnie went on to lose 52 lbs & over 23 inches!)

Weight Loss Journey – Carrie

(Carrie went on to lose 26 lbs & over 17 inches!)

† The results featured above as "final" results were all achieved in more than 30 days. Results Can And Will Vary From Person To Person.

Now You Can Do The Same With The LEAN30 Home Weight Loss Challenge!

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LEAN30 is all about helping you stay consistent with a proven, sustainable weight loss plan for 30 days, focusing on creating the habits that make fat loss automatic:

  • Controlling the things you CAN control.

  • Track the things that matter on a daily basis (so you make more progress without it turning into an obsession).

  • Building in a system of accountability so you stick your goals (we got you there!)

And even better, we're going to focus on moderation & mindset rather than restriction & intense exercise... By proving to yourself that you can do this for 30 days, you can do it for another 30 days, and another 30 days, and another.

Truth is, the thing that holds most people back from losing weight and keeping it off is nutrition — in particular, how they THINK about nutrition.

This is what I’m going to hand you on a silver platter, so you can start consistently losing weight and feeling frickin’ amazing:

  • Flexible dieting tactics that help you lose weight without giving up your favorite foods or social life

  • Absolutely NO long, grueling workouts. The goal of exercise should be working smarter, not harder!

  • A plan that delivers FAST results using strategies that are enjoyable & maintainable forever

Evergreen Bundle

Regular Price $69


One-Time Payment  •  100% Money-Back Guarantee

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How The Challenge Works

Just 3 Simple Steps To Getting Remarkable Results In This Challenge

30 Day Transformations

† Testimonials above were all achieved in 30 days, but as always, Results Can And Will Vary From Person To Person.

Step 1.

Find Your Nutrition Targets

You can't lose weight unless you know where you're starting from... That's why we have a tool to help you find your exact targets in just 2 clicks so you can lose weight quickly & reliably over the next 30 days.

Step 2.

Pick Your "Lifestyle Eating" Plan

Pick out which plans works best for you based on your lifestyle. There are a couple plans to choose from, and best of all, they easily fit into any lifestyle regardless of any dietary restrictions.

Step 3.

Follow The Plan For 30 Days

Follow the plan we give you for 30 days. No starving yourself, no long and grueling workouts. The plan is easy and sustainable, and you can do the 3-4 workouts per week from your living room.

Oh Yeah… Step 4: Show Off Your Results!

You did it – 30 days of following a simple plan, building small habits that lead to big results. Look in the mirror and see the results for yourself... (And relish in how easy it was, after using this system!)

"The LEAN30 Eating & Workout Plans Are Totally Doable..."

Here's What Others Had To Say About LEAN30 After JUST 30 Days...

"LEAN30 helped me get back on track. I had strayed for months from my fitness journey and this program helped me to get on track and be consistent."

"My favorite part of the LEAN30 Challenge was the lack of pressure to be perfect, but it provided guide-rails to be successful.  It wasn't an overwhelming program... It was simple and maintainable."

"LEAN30 was great... Simple, maintainable, and adaptable to my real life working conditions."

LEAN30 is the best program I've followed because of the laid out structure and daily emails. I would highly recommend this Challenge to anyone!

Typically I get discouraged at how restrictive certain diets are and how hard some workouts can be. The LEAN30 eating & workout plans are totally doable and don’t discourage me.

"What I loved most about this Challenge is the flexibility and permission to be less than perfect. Living without guilt has been a game changer and made eating healthy a habit, not a diet."

Get Your Diet Under Control & Improve Your Relationship With Food (For Good)

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Here's Everything You Get When You Register For LEAN30 Today:



The LEAN30 Nutrition Plan

nutrition + calc

You don't need to be “perfect” with your diet to get results. I've helped hundreds of clients and customers get fantastic results without tracking every little thing they eat and "obsessing" over their nutrition.

LEAN30 is designed to be simple. Too complicated, and it gets tough to stick to. Instead, I’ll tell you exactly how (and when) to eat using what I call a “Lifestyle Eating Strategy” that allows you to lose weight without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Isn’t it about time you following a diet plan that worked with your natural tendencies instead of trying to conform your life to some bland & restrictive diet? When you do this, losing weight becomes almost effortless.

** As a bonus, you're even getting access to my custom-built Nutrition Calculator so you can find your exact nutrition targets in 10 seconds!

nutrition + calc


Example 7-Day Meal Plans (With BONUS Recipe Guide!)

Meal Plans

One full week of done-for-you meal plans that you can fully customize to fit your dietary needs, along with a full recipe guide to help you make every recipe in the Meal Plan.

These high-protein recipes are filling and delicious, and yes – the whole family will love them!

Best of all, these recipes make meal planning a breeze, and you can easily make more (or less) of any of the recipes to fit how many servings you want.

Simply follow along with the program and eat delicious food – or sub in your own meals to save time, it’s up to you!

Meal Plans


Daily Accountability Emails With 24/7 Support

3_Accountability - 2

The best part of this Challenge is the daily action steps that will walk you step by step through this whole Challenge. We'll all be doing this together, and taking it one step at a time...

If you're unsure how to do something in the workouts, or how to hit your nutrition targets, or are just uncertain if you're doing things right... You have direct access to me and my team.

Simply email us anytime... You have unlimited email support throughout the entire 30-day Challenge, so whenever you need help we're just a click away!

3_Accountability - 2


LEAN30 Daily Habit Tracker

habit tracker - 3

Building healthy habits can be tough...

One thing I found works best for changing your habits is simply focusing on the things YOU CAN CONTROL... But don't worry – you're not going to be tracking every little thing and completely upending your lifestyle!

Enter the LEAN30 Daily Habit Tracker.

I created this resource to show you how to easily track only the few things that will move the needle the most in regards to fat loss, and turn your goals into a daily game that makes it actually fun to do.

habit tracker - 3

Join Us For The Challenge!

Join now and get instant access to the entire LEAN30 Challenge...

Register Today & Get These Free BONUS Gifts To Help Maximize Your Fat Loss!


20+ Workouts You Can Do At Home!


Don't worry about trying to figure out what to do, or if you're even working out in a way that will get you the results you want...

For this Challenge, I'm giving you the exact 20+ fat burning workouts you'll need to do over these next 30 days (with video demonstrations!), PLUS a bonus workout calendar to ensure you always know when to do what.

All the workouts in the LEAN30 Challenge are designed to help build lean muscle and tone while torching body fat – right from your living room (all you need is a pair of dumbbells or exercise bands)!


Includes BONUS Fat Burning Workouts!

As a bonus to increase your fat loss over the next 30 days, I added a few extra optional workouts to your plan... You can do these workouts on your rest days to help ignite your metabolism & maximize the fat burning.


30-Day Workout Calendar

Evergreen – Calendar 2

This Workout Calendar is the perfect companion to the Workout Programs you're getting inside this Challenge...

This helpful calendar shows you the entire Challenge at-a-glance so you know exactly when to do what workout – taking all the guesswork out of getting into shape!

It's all laid out for you in a step-by-step format, and the best part is that the Calendar isn't "month-specific" so you can use this again and again whenever you want to do the LEAN30 Challenge again!

Evergreen – Calendar 2

Register For LEAN30 Now!

Your Complete 30-Day Plan

Evergreen Bundle
  • LEAN30 Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

  • Example 7-Day Fat Loss Meal Plans

  • LEAN30 Daily Habit Tracker

  • Daily Emails To Keep You Motivated & Inspired

  • Full 24/7 Email Support

  • BONUS LEAN30 Fat Burning Home Workouts

  • BONUS Cardio Circuit Workouts

Regular Price $69

ONLY $29

One-Time Payment  •  100% Money-Back Guarantee

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The LEAN30 Challenge is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

After This Challenge, You'll Never Think About Fitness Or "Dieting" The Same

Jamie M

I started this journey with no goal in mind. No expectations. I decided if I was going to do this, REALLY do this, that I had to take in all of the information I was given, listen & learn. And most importantly - put. in. the. work. I have achieved so much more than I ever thought possible. I have my LFL family to thank for that. Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

Jamie M.

Sharon L

When I started the Challenge I thought it would be great for me as a very goal oriented person. My goal at that time was to lose the most amount of weight as possible. During that challenge and now being a member of the LFL family I know there is so much more than that. The scale doesn’t define me anymore. The support this group provides is so valuable and I love this LFL family ❤️

Sharon L.

Amy R

When I first started, I did make a number on the scale my prize. It seemed logical to me. It took some time but I have definitely learned to fall in love and invest my time and efforts into the PROCESS. That’s the prize. The habits built will always be there. The journey is so much fun!

Amy R.

I Lost 140 Pounds Using These Exact Strategies... Just Imagine What They Can Do For YOU!

Hi, I’m Carter Good – your coach for the next 30 days.

I lost over 140 pounds using the same principles in the LEAN30 Program... And since then, I’ve helped hundreds of women and men finally get that lean and healthy body they’ve always wanted.

I’ve grown a pretty sizable following on social media because of one thing: I make weight loss simple. 

Yes I’ve lost a bunch of weight personally (and I’ve kept it off!), but I’ve been able to turn what I did into a simple system that other people have followed to get crazy results as well.

It’s worked gangbusters, and best of all – it’s simple.

It all starts with the first 30 days... And that's what I want to help YOU with in this Challenge. Join me and let's get you on the path to getting the body you've always wanted!

  • Finally stop the yo-yo dieting cycle WHILE eating the foods you love

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your own body

  • Lose stubborn body fat (especially in the arms, tighs, and midsection) and keep it off for good!

  • Learn simple habits that help keep the weight off for good this time!

Evergreen - Beach Shot
guarantee 1

My “Get Results Or It’s FREE” 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Feel healthier, leaner, and more in control of your life in 30 days... or you pay nothing.

guarantee 1

I’m putting my money where my mouth is because I believe in my system that much. It works – simple as that. It’s worked for me, and I’ll bet it will work for you as long as you follow it and stay consistent.

And to prove it to you, I’m putting ALL the risk on me with my Risk-Free “Get Results Or It’s Free” 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Do this 30-Day Challenge and if you don’t see results or feel leaner, healthier, and more in control of your life, we’ll give you 100% of your money back – simple as that!

"I Like How Easy This Was!"

Read Real Reviews From Real People

"I tried Weight Watchers – the way Carter structures [Leaner For Life] makes it way simpler and makes it feel WAY less restricted."

– Drew D.

"I used to be a perfectionist and if I didn’t do everything right, I felt like I failed. Now, even if I missed a workout or ate too many calories, I am proud to say that I can find something positive that happened that day. I’m lifting heavier weights, trying new workouts, I’m not afraid to comment in the group, and I’m becoming a better version of me."

– Kristin P.

"I've tried other diets like Weight Watchers, and Leaner For Life blows other programs out of the water. This program is so simple & absolutely nothing is off limits. Plus you provide straightforward guidelines for workouts & nutrition."

– Jamie M.

"I've tried several programs in the past, but Leaner For Life gives you a whole program: diet, exercise, and support."

– Cindy L.

"I love how this program is made not only for the rest of your life, but for a life lived in reality."

– Elizabeth W.

"I like how easy this was. At first I was a tiny bit intimidated, but once I got started it was actually very easy."

– Samantha F.

No More Excuses – It's Time To Make CHANGES. And YES, We’re In This Together!

How many times have you tried one diet or another, only to see lackluster results — or worse, you’ve lost weight but then gain it all back again because the program wasn’t sustainable in the long run? How many times are you going to “get back on the bandwagon” or start "next week" or – worse yet – make it another New Year's resolution?

It’s time to change all of that, right here and now.

LEAN30 is your "kick in the butt" to get started today.

For a one-time payment of just $69 $29, you get the exact program to crush it over the next 30 days... AND you get personal daily help from me directly.

This is the best, most reliable way to lose fat... You can either make excuses or progress – which one do you want?

Register For LEAN30 Now!

Your Complete 30-Day Plan

Evergreen Bundle

Regular Price $69

ONLY $29

One-Time Payment  •  100% Money-Back Guarantee

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The LEAN30 Challenge is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Still Have Questions?

Answers To Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

This challenge is for anyone who is tired of starting and stopping their weight loss journey over and over again. By joining the challenge, you’ll create 30 days of consistency towards your health goals and jumpstart your weight loss journey for long-term success.

Join the LEAN30 Challenge for a one-time payment of $29...

It's an entirely digital program – meaning you have instant access to all the resources as soon as you purchase the program, and have lifetime access to everything as long as you're a customer.

The Challenge technically starts the day after you join (this Challenge is "self-guided" – but you'll have instant access to everything ahead of time so you get comfortable with the plan!

Ideally, you’ll want to have either exercise bands or dumbbells as there are workouts for both.

30 days isn’t a lot of time to see big results, but you can definitely start to see changes happening! If you’re consistent during these next 30 days, you can expect to lose 5-10 lbs.

But, the benefit of this Challenge is that the habits you'll be building over the next 30 days will extend far into the future and help you lose more fat more consistently beyond this Challenge.

This all depends on your dedication and effort, but I can say with confidence that the nutrition, exercise, and mindset strategies you’ll develop will make losing weight simple & easier than ever before.

They’ve worked for me, hundreds of personal clients, and thousands of people around the world.

By joining the challenge, you’ll get full email support on a regular basis. All you have to do is reply to the email you’ll be receiving each day during the challenge.

On top of that, you'll get exclusive access to our Members-Only Facebook group where you can get support and accountability from all the other members doing LEAN30...

And plus, myself (Carter) and my LFL Coaches will be interacting in the group throughout the 30 day challenge as well! Feel free to ask us anything you want, so you're always able to get the help you need!

Nope! The nutrition philosophy is based around tracking a range of nutrition targets – this isn't like 'paleo' or 'keto' where you need to eat certain foods. 

Rather, we encourage you to eat the foods you enjoy most, but using our tracking philosophy to make sure you're eating in the calorie range we recommend to lose weight.

This makes dieting simple and enjoyable... Lose weight and eat the foods you love? Where do I sign up!? 😉

Evergreen Bundle

Get Started Now Risk-Free:

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