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Devon Peterson

Hello! My name is Devon Peterson.

I’m extremely grateful to be part of the Leaner for Life coaching team as it’s given me the opportunity to help hundreds of dedicated people grow and develop into healthier, more confident individuals.

I’m a New Jersey native now residing in Florida. When I’m not working, you can catch me going for long walks in the sun, at the beach or enjoying a nice medium-rare steak.

I began personal training in 2012 after interning at a gym and witnessing first-hand the physical and mental benefits and transformations people were making through quality strength training.

My journey has gone from feeling lost in the gym chasing sensations to taking a more educated approach and developing a love for strength training… 

From severely restricting calories to developing a more moderate approach to nutrition…

From all-or-nothing thinking to learning how to think for success…

And falling down and getting up over and over again along the way.

My coaching style is a lot more about building systems, developing awareness around nutrition and bringing up training quality and a lot less about motivation and feelings, although those can be important when the time is right.

What I love most about coaching is that the principles for success are universal. Those who are successful with transforming their body not only improve their health and confidence, but also gain a new way of thinking. 

This dramatically increases their potential for success in anything else they want to achieve and almost always opens up a world of opportunities for them.

B.S. Exercise Science
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
FRC Mobility Specialist

Coach Devon

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