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Kevin Driscoll


NSCA (CPT, SFB & SFG), FMS L2, Precision Nutrition Level 1

HEYO! What is happening LFL gang?!

My name is Kevin Driscoll. The coffee drinking, donut eating, and FRIENDS trivia KING... But more importantly, I'm a Personal Trainer and LFL Transformation Coach!

I was born and raised in Boston (I don’t have a Boston accent, but yes I say wicked a lot), though just recently moved to San Diego with my wife to start the next chapter of my life.

I have a strong passion for health and fitness... I've gone through my own physical and mental challenges with fitness, and now I am determined to help as many people as I can transform their lives and realize what they are truly capable of.

I have gone through the ups and downs of being super strict, then falling off the wagon when it gets too hard. What I have found is that you can actually eat donuts and pizza and still create amazing results! Crazy, right?!

I feel as though I need to spread this message! I want to prove to people that it doesn't have to be all or nothing, or the perfect regimen. We will team up and work together on building your consistency and discipline with your nutrition and exercise, in a way that still allows you to enjoy the things you love!

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I have been coaching since 2016, and love training with anything that has the word "bells" in it. Barbells, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells. I personally have a powerlifting style training program myself (with goals to compete in my first meet soon!). I don’t think you have to train like a powerlifter, but I do love the idea of resistance training for everyone. It helps develop confidence and allows you to feel like a badass when you lift some heavy sh*t up!

(Don’t worry though, I am not the coach who will be yelling and barking in the gym. Honestly, you most likely will see me dancing to some boy bands in between my set of deadlifts.)

Some more non-fitness facts about myself…

I officially married my amazing wife last summer during the pandemic, and I get to marry her AGAIN surrounded by all of our friends and family this year (woo - two weddings!) I grew up playing baseball and hockey and was fortunate enough to play baseball at the collegiate level.

Tom Brady is my hero (and should be yours, too).

I have seen every episode of FRIENDS well over 50 times. I love going to the beach. I hope to travel more now that things are opening up!

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