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This is the ideal place to start because over the 30 day challenge we give you a complete crash course into our LFL strategies that will have you losing weight before you're even done with the Challenge.

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LEAN30 Challenge

The 30-Day Home Weight Loss Challenge That's Helped Over 1,186 Men & Women Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 30 Days


LFL Academy

Your Monthly All-Access Membership Full Of Workout Programs, Fat Loss Diet Plans, 100s of Recipes & More

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In This FREE 5-Part Video Series, I Walk You Through The Secret I Stumbled Upon To Unlocking The "Anti-Dieter Mindset" (& How I Used It To Lose 140+ Pounds)

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The 3 Simple Steps I Used To Help Over 538 Clients Get “Unstuck” And Start Losing Weight Consistently – Even When Nothing Else Has Worked Before.